Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a safe, rural town of about 12,000 people in Southeast Missouri. Currently, we live in a blended age neighborhood with a beautiful pond/lake in the center. We like to ride our bike and/or walk to the pond and feed the ducks. We live less than 5 minutes from our schools, parks, and our main business district. We have a great community pool for all ages with water buckets, sprinklers and two heart-racing slides! Our 3 parks are full of new equipment and we love to meet friends at them for play dates! We also have a wonderful public library where we attend story hour and check out books regularly.

Our home has 3 bedrooms and an additional playroom for our daughter. We spend most of our time in the playroom and our bedroom. Our bedroom is very large and includes a sitting area where we watch TV. It serves as our 2nd living room. We have a wooden play ground in our backyard with swings, a fort house, and two slides for extra fun!

Our community has numerous annual, family events that we wouldn’t miss! One of our favorite events is the Annual Fourth of July parade where kids decorate their bikes and trikes with red, white, and blue and ride to the local post office and sing patriotic songs! We love our small town and feel it is a wonderful place to raise a family!

Our Extended Families
Manicure with Mimi

We are blessed to have close relationships with both of our families. Both of our immediate families live only one hour away. This makes it very convenient for us to see them often.

Chris’ mom, also known as Mimi, comes to visit every Monday afternoon and picks our daughter up from school and spends a few hours with her. This is a weekly highlight for both of them. A trip to Sonic is usually in their afternoon plan!

Family Fun

Audrey's mom and dad invite us and her sister’s family over for holiday meals, frequent fish frys and family meals, and birthday celebrations. Our meal and desert of choice is always prepared for our birthday and never disappoints! We have been known to break out the game, Pie In The Face, or another fun game during these dinners! Our three nieces are very active in sports and activities in their schools and we enjoy cheering them on and supporting them.

Both of our families are very supportive and excited that we are pursing adoption! However, Audrey's sister, Aunt Millie, is the most excited! She cannot wait to be an aunt again!

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