Our Extended Families
Family Christmas

Between the two of us we have five siblings and nine nieces and nephews, which makes family gatherings lots of fun. Everyone is so excited about our adoption plan and looks forward to having a new addition to the family!

Sandy has three siblings, including a twin sister who is married with two children who were adopted from Russia. We are excited that our children will share the bond of adoption with these cousins. One of Sandy's siblings is lives nearby so we visit with their family frequently. Although Sandy's other siblings are not as close, we find time each year to visit them. The cousins have so much fun running around and playing together!

Thanksgiving with Family

Dave has two siblings who live nearby, each with their own children. It is important to us that we stay active in each other's lives. When we get together with extended family we enjoy game nights or simply getting together for a delicious dinner. Some other fun things we have done together include attending dance recitals, ice skating, swimming with cousins and charity walks. No matter what we’re doing, it is always a great time when we’re with family.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We reside in Maryland in a community of single family homes. Our house has four bedrooms and has ample room for a new addition to the family. We currently have a play room as well as a family room and enjoy spending fun time with our daughter there. We have a swing set and a sandbox in the backyard that Emily loves.

There are several parks in and around our neighborhood as well as lots of places to interact with other children such as libraries, playgrounds, and swimming pools. It is always fun to walk to the park and watch when soccer games are held for elementary school aged children.

We have family that is local to us as well as lots of friends in the area. There are fun things to do such as swimming, playing on a trampoline or swing sets at Grandma's and Aunts and Uncles houses.

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