Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We recently moved a little further out of town and basically bought our own little farm. Julie has dreams of rescuing farm animals - cows, goats, chickens, etc. We want our children to grow up with plenty of room and yard outside so they can run and play and use their imaginations. The home has a nice playground and a pool on the property, as well as a large plot of grass for them to play sports or simply just run around. The main feature of the yard is the swimming pool which features a nice rock waterfall.

Our Playground

Our neighborhood is a small private neighborhood that only goes down one street. Right on the other side of the fence is actually a cow pasture! We have a little hill in the backyard where the kids can stand and look at the cattle grazing on the land next door, Penny likes to sit up there and ask lots of questions.

All in all, we want our children to learn by doing, by being outside and experiencing - our new home and community have allowed that. There is plenty to do as far as chores too! Helping with the lawn and the garden, grabbing the eggs from the chicken coop, feeding the animals; this will all be part of the weekly and monthly life growing up. Not to mention all of the fun!

Our Extended Families
Brennan's Mom and Siblings

We are very lucky because we are surrounded by friends and family in our town. Brennan's mom lives right up the road, and his dad is just a short drive away. The grandparents LOVE all of their grandkids as well, making frequent stops for family time.

Brennan has five siblings and Julie has one older brother. Together we have 8 nieces and nephews ranging in age from one year old to grown adults. We are lucky to have Brennan's parents living close by and are able to see them a couple of times a week - they are very involved in Penelope's life. Julie's family and most of our siblings live further away so we only get to see them a couple of times a year, but we keep in contact with phone calls and Facetime.

Julie and Her Mom on a Hike

When we do get spend time together, we generally like to hang out and catch up. The kids tend to run off and play or explore together while the adults talk. We also love playing board games like Phase 10, Monopoly, and Rummy. All of our parents are very excited to bring a new baby home and be a part of their life.

We look forward to introducing a new child into our family and we know that our whole extended family is just as excited.

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