Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We currently reside in the suburbs of a large city in Missouri. Some people like to refer to this part of the country as fly-over territory, but we like it!

Our cozy, three-bedroom home is in a great neighborhood, next to an elementary school. Consequently, there are a TON of children living near us. When we spend time in our home, we can often be found making dinner together and then hanging out in our living room--by far, the most "lived in" room of the house! We like to hang out on the couch, and our dog Gizmo can often be found snoozing under an arm chair. We try to take nightly walks with Gizmo, and often see neighbors doing the same.

We Love to Have Slumber Parties with Our Nieces

We have access to several parks and a community center, which includes a swimming pool, and the local library is within walking distance from our home. Our mid-sized town holds several community events throughout the year, including movies in the park, a fall fun fest, and homecoming parades. One of the quirkiest things that our town does is the Santa truck, where Santa rides around town in a fire truck and visits kids in all of the neighborhoods, passing out candy canes and spreading holiday cheer. It will be so fun to attend with a child of our own!

Our Extended Families
Leah's Family

Both of our families are extremely excited for this child to join our family. Leah's has one brother who lives down the street with his wife and their three daughters. The girls are so fun and love to spend time with us! We like to have them over for cookie baking, movie watching and sleep overs. One of Leah’s favorite things to do with them is taking them out for special dates. They all love coffee and donut dates (coffee for Leah, hot chocolate for them.) Leah’s parents also live about 10 minutes away, and we all get together at their house for meals on the weekends, BBQs in the summer, and lots of card playing --usually Pinochle!

Bobby's Family

Bobby has two older brothers, Steve and Jeff. One brother lives a few hours to the East with his wife and three boys. We really enjoy spending time with them when they are in town. Bobby’s other brother lives about 25 minutes away with his wife and two older sons (one is in college and one is in high school). They actually live in the house Bobby grew up in, which is right next door to his parents! We usually get together with Bobby's family for holidays and sometimes family birthday celebrations in the spring and summer. Everyone is looking forward to adding another member to our family!

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