Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a beachside community south of San Francisco, a small town of farmers and fishermen, where kids can still ride their bikes in the streets and play with each other in the neighborhood parks. A child growing up here will always have fresh air, the opportunity to run on the beach or hike the surrounding hills with our border collie Dixie, and with San Francisco and Silicon Valley each only half an hour away, access to all the opportunities that big city life can afford, without any of the downsides of actually living in a big city. We love to visit the museums, parks, art galleries and shops in San Francisco but love living in a small community.

Our home is a modest but cozy 3-bedroom that has a view of the beach; in fact, at certain times of the year you can stand on the deck and see whales as they pass by on their annual migration. The family room adjoins to the dining area and kitchen so we can all be together cooking, eating and watching movies or TV as well as looking out the many windows that have a view of the ocean. We have a small yard but big enough for play and gardening. Our neighborhood is the sort of neighborhood where people know each other by name, and everyone is extremely nice and we are often sharing food, gardening tips and invites to dinner.

Our Extended Families
Gus and His Sister

We both have close relationships with our immediate families, even though we don't live near them. Gus grew up in Missouri with a younger sister and two younger brothers. His mother still lives there so we travel there often. Gus is very close with many of his childhood friends, many of whom Jill has become close with as well. Gus’s sister has 3 kids and one brother has 2 kids, both siblings live in Texas but they are so excited to add another little one to the crew!

Jill and Her Mom

Jill grew up in a rural town in northeast Georgia. Although Jill's an only child, she comes from a large extended family who is very close. Jill's mom enjoys staying with us multiple times a year, so there would be plenty of grandma time for a child. Our two families get together every year when Georgia and Missouri play each other in football. It's always lots of fun, and one family gets to go home with a win no matter what!

Finally, our friends are also our extended family. They all have children and we enjoy spending time with them. We know our child would be accepted by their families, as we have been.

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