Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a brand new subdivision outside of a major city in Kansas. We picked this area to live in partly because of the amount of new families we saw moving in. There are children everywhere and we constantly see them playing together throughout the neighborhood. We also have several parks close by, walking trails, as well as two swimming pools within walking distance that we look forward to taking our child to.

When we built our house, we chose a lot that backs up to a pond because we love to wake up every morning and see the beautiful water. We also love to go fishing and it is so nice that we can do it right in our own backyard. We look forward to teaching our children how to fish there. Our house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. We made sure to put all of the bedrooms on the same level, so we can be close to our childrens' rooms.

Our favorite room to spend time in is our kitchen and living room. It is one big open area and we love to entertain friends and family in that space!

Our Extended Families
With Megan's Parents in the Rocky Mountains

We both grew up in close-knit families and are blessed to live within 20 minutes of both sets of our parents. We love to spend time with them, whether it's catching a local sporting event or sharing a meal together. Megan's parents live in a suburb near several popular shopping centers, restaurants and parks. Megan grew up having frequent Sunday dinners with her grandparents and will always cherish those memories. She is one of two children - she has a married older brother. Her extended family is large. She has over 15 first cousins alone!

Adam With Our Nephew

Adam grew up in a small town, but at the age of 15, his family relocated to a major city in Texas. He grew up with several pets including horses, goats, cattle, cats and dogs. His family is close as well, and we are excited that his parents have moved to be near us. They live in a rural area with many acres to explore. Adam has a younger sister. She, her husband, and their two little boys are special to us and we cherish the time we have with them. We recently hosted our nephew's first birthday party and it was a blast! We love making memories with them!

Because we're close with our families, we have an immense amount of support in our adoption journey. They share in our excitement to welcome a child into the family.

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