Our Extended Families
Christmas Dinner with Our Families

We have very loving, supportive relationships with our parents and siblings. Our parents live close by and are very involved in our lives. Both sets of grandparents live on the water providing fun family times including crabbing, fishing, sea glass collecting and rock skipping.

We have 11 nieces and nephews who create wonderful, loving chaos when they get together. We also have a much larger extended family close by that we see for birthdays, holidays and annual family reunions. When we are with our family and friends we spend time playing sports and board games, watching movies, hiking and camping, cooking and building memories.

Lake Picnic

One thing that makes our family special is that it has already grown through adoption. We grew up with a number of cousins that were adopted and were recently blessed with a niece through adoption.

Our families and friends are thrilled we are expanding our family through adoption. They may be as excited as we are! We have a great support network including friends and family who have adopted, our church congregation and Carri's dear friend who was adopted and has provided wonderful guidance.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in Washington State in a cozy brick house that was built in 1926. Our home has a private yard in the back with grass, an area for barbeques and a small waterfall. There are four bedrooms for family and visitors. There is also a large family room and art-making space for kids to use on a rainy day.

Our city is vibrant. There are cultural, artistic, and sporting events occurring every day. It is bordered by the ocean, forests, and mountains, providing easy access to fun kid adventures and relaxation in beautiful natural settings.

Our home is in a great family neighborhood that has nearly everything we need within walking distance. It often feels like we live in a small town. Within a thousand feet of our home is an excellent elementary school, a library, a toy store, two parks, a grocery store and many small restaurants. A world class zoo, a swimming lake, and a sandy ocean beach are all less than two miles from our house.

Our neighborhood has lots of wonderful traditions. There is an annual parade every summer, art walks, and a classic car show. We shut down a street to traffic one night a week during the summer so kids can play with more freedom. Our neighborhood has people of all ages and cultures, including lots of children, and all our neighbors are invested in taking care of the children who live here.

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