Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a typical suburb/residential neighborhood that is equipped with everything our children could ask for right within walking distance.

Our home has three bedrooms, a large outdoor lanai with a swimming pool and a yard for playing/gardening. We fell in love with our house because of the open feel with the large windows and doors that allow in the sunlight from the lanai and courtyard.

Our neighborhood has two large playgrounds within a 10-minute walk, including basketball and tennis courts. Our neighborhood has a big social event for every holiday that is capped off with a huge 4th of July party.

We walk to our local bagel shop every weekend and once per month, there’s a large farmer’s market that we walk to with our little red radio flyer wagon so we can wheel home all of the fresh goodies.

We’re also members at a neighborhood country club that is about a mile from our house. We love the community pool, swimming lessons, golf, dinner and meeting new friends.

Some of our closest friends live just around the corner and they have twin 4-year-old girls that are our daughter’s best friends. We are really lucky to have a great group of friends that all have children so we do a lot of weekend pool parties and cookouts at each other’s houses.

Our Extended Families

We are both blessed with two siblings each that we grew up with and all of them are happily married with a total of five children in the next generation of what would be first cousins for your child to grow up with. We have five loving grandparents that are also eager to spoil another little one.

At the Beach With Jeff's Family

We live in warm weather, so we are a popular home to visit during the colder months, as most of our immediate families live in the Midwest and Northeast. Our parents enjoy extended visits each year to spend time with us and our daughter and our siblings make an annual trip to stay with us and visit Disney World. We make multiple trips every year to visit our families and on Christmas, Jeff’s parents host over 40 extended family members for a traditional gift exchange. Board games are a popular activity when we’re all together and as our children are growing older, we’re enjoying playing sports with them and going to the beach. Every single family member we have has been extremely supportive and excited about us adopting and we’re very grateful for their support.

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