Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a beautiful two-story, four-bedroom home with a pretty garden and a large backyard in Illinois. Our friendly neighborhood is filled with young families. When we first moved into our home, we were greeted by four families that brought cookies to welcome us. Every day there are kids riding bicycles and parents pushing babies in strollers. We can often be found walking our dog, spending time at our neighbors’ houses or barbecuing.

We chose our community because it is family-oriented and known for its outstanding schools. We have a huge library where we take Asher, restaurants, boutiques and other stores. During summer months, there are weekly concerts and movies in the park where families gather on blankets under the stars.

We have an annual fair with rides, games, powder-sugared funnel cakes, bright fireworks and food trucks. A park near our house has a playground, a sledding hill, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts and a lake. We play with Asher at the playground, walk Rosie around the lake and have picnics by the water. There is even an interactive children’s museum near our home.

Everything Chicago has to offer (including the Lincoln Park Zoo and Shedd Aquarium) is a short train ride away. We regularly go to the city to visit our friends. We love taking Asher to Chi-town for exciting experiences, and we would love to bring another little one with us.

Our Extended Families
Rachel & Her Mom

We were blessed to have parents who never missed an opportunity to tell us we were loved. They worked hard to provide us with full lives and instilled strong values in us that we will pass down to our children.

We cherish our families. Rachel’s parents and Adam’s mom live close by, and they couldn’t be more excited for another grandchild. They teach our son Asher so much and have endless patience and love for him. Your child would have grandparents that live to spoil him or her. Rachel’s grandparents also live nearby, and it is amazing that Asher has great grandparents he adores.

National Park Trip with Family

Adam is close with both of his brothers. Adam’s younger brother is an important presence in our lives, and he is awaiting the time when he can play sports with Asher and teach him jokes. His older brother’s children are excited for another cousin. Rachel is an only child, but she grew up with a best friend who is like her sister, and her friend’s children treat Asher like a brother.

We have many fun family traditions. One of our favorites is Sunday barbecues. Adam does the barbecuing, Rachel prepares side dishes, and our son’s grandparents share special time with him. We also take walks with Asher and our dog Rosie to neighborhood parks. Every weekend Asher takes swim lessons, and his grandparents come to cheer him on. We love our long-standing traditions on holidays like Thanksgiving where everyone brings a dish, shares what they are grateful for and plays games. Any child that enters our family will get to enjoy these moments with us.

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