My House and Neighborhood
My Home

I live in a quiet neighborhood in a suburb just outside of a major city in Missouri. My home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms; it’s about 2,300 square feet. In addition to the bedrooms and bathrooms, we have a large living room, an eat in kitchen and a finished basement, complete with a small kitchenette. We use the finished basement as a family and toy room. I love the place I have called home for the past 12 years. My most favorite part about our home is the space we have inside and out! I’m often found spending time on our screened in porch, our large deck, or enjoying the neighborhood's common spaces.

Throughout the year, the neighborhood homeowners plan an ice cream social, a weenie roast, a fishing derby, and an annual karaoke party. The fishing derby is my personal favorite. Our neighborhood has a lake which is stocked with small fish. It’s so much fun to see the grandparents, kids, and parents all come together and enjoy these events. Prizes are awarded for the child who catches the biggest and the smallest fish!

In addition to three schools and a church less than a mile away, there are several parks close to home, two of which we can walk to. I often take my nephew and nieces to these parks and we play, swing, enjoy the splash pad during the summer and explore the nature trails. My home is very close to the zoo, a children’s museum, science center, and libraries to name a few local attractions!

My Extended Family
Beach Family Photo

I’m the youngest of three children. I have a brother and a sister. My brother and sister-in-law blessed our family with two beautiful nieces and my sister blessed our family with my adorable nephew! My nieces live out of state but I have the privilege of seeing them every month. I’m lucky to be able to see my nephew every day. I see him each day because my mom, my sister, my nephew and I live together.

I have many aunts and uncles who I see often as well. My mom is one of nine children and my dad is one of five, closeness with family has always been a part of my life. I have more than 40 cousins in my family! I look forward to sharing traditions with this child. I can’t wait for opportunities to eat watermelon on my aunt's farm; Easter egg hunts at another aunt's spacious back yard; Bundling this child up in a warm winter coat; and taking a carriage ride to see Christmas lights. These are just a few annual traditions our family shares together.

I think our family is special and unique. We are diverse in many different aspects; from cultural beliefs, and family structure, to race and religion. The thing I love most about my family is that even though we have differences we have a deep love for one another and a high level of respect for each person. I know a child will feel loved, honored, and special when part of our family.

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