Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We have a large house and bought it to hopefully grow into it. We have plenty of room for children. Our community has festivals all the time where there are carnivals, food trucks, farmer’s markets and music festivals. There are always things going on for kids – at the pools, lakes and rivers as well. We are in one of the best school districts in our state. We have a neighborhood pool and playground with a kiddie pool and lifeguard. While we don't have kids, we can envision our child playing in the playground, learning to swim and even joining the swim team. Our dogs love to run around the yard, which is an acre, and play catch. We love to be out there while we barbecue and listen to music.

There is plenty of room for a child to play games, sports or throw a ball. It is the perfect house to entertain with other children and lots of space for sleep overs when the child gets big enough. There are a lot of children in our neighborhood and plenty of animals to play with.

Our Extended Families
Beth & Her Mom

We have a large family and we have both sides of adoption in our family. Beth's youngest sister, of Korean descent was adopted and her older sister, was placed for adoption at birth, but reconnected with our family over 20 years ago.

Our parents have always been very supportive throughout our lives and continue to be so through our adoption journey. We are very close to our siblings and our child will spend time with them and our nephews/nieces.

Brett with His Brother & Nephew

With our extended family, we enjoy large family gatherings, crab feasts, trips to the beach and camping.

Family traditions and heritage are very important to us, and enjoy celebrating our history. Beth is even a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson! Every large holiday, we make a breakfast casserole and snack on that throughout the day. Instead of birthday cakes each year, we do a big cookie cake from American Cookie Company.

Our family is very supportive of our plan to adopt and they cannot wait to meet the newest member of the family!

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