Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in Colorado in a suburb close to many parks, green spaces, and the mountains. Our house has three bedrooms and two sitting rooms; one we use as an activity room were Joaquin has his musical instruments and Mariana has her craft projects. This would be a great play room for a child. We also have a good size yard where we spend most of our summers.

We bought this house because it was close to an open space with trails, a lake, library, schools and a community center that has year round events for the family. In the fall there is a cider day festival, with pony rides and train rides for children. They have delicious apple pies and you can take your apples to have them made cider. This is perfect for us because we have an apple tree, so having cider made from our apples is very special.

In the summers every Friday there is music downtown where families and friends get together to listen to music, we really like to hang out and catch up with neighbors and listen to some good music. In the winter they have an ice skating rink that we like to go and have some fun.

Our Extended Families
Joaquin and His Grandma

Even if we do not live close to our families we keep in touch using Skype, phone, and frequent visits. When we get together we love to play and hang out with our six nieces and nephews. We love getting together with our parents, brothers, and sisters; we love best when we get together and prepare our favorite meals, and catch up with each other. We also like to do different activities like ski trips, shopping, hiking and exploring new places. We do little trips like visit a mine, we go to a national park, and explore little towns.

Family Dinner

Mariana has one sister and one brother. Mariana and her sister are best friends they are only one year and a half apart and love to talk for hours on the phone and try to see each other as frequent as possible. Joaquin has two brothers and one sister. Joaquin is very close to his sister and his grandmother that is 93 years old, he calls her every week.

Our family is very excited about our adoption plan, they cannot wait to meet the baby and spend time with her/him and share all of our family traditions with him/her. Our nieces and nephews range from ages ten to three months, there will always be someone to play with and share holidays with.

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