Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a quiet neighborhood in a small town in North Carolina. Our house has plenty of room for children to play. Recently we added a large screened in porch to our house, and we love spending days outside there together, along with friends and family. Our backyard has lots of trees and a fence for our beagle, Peanut. Our neighborhood has many families with children of all ages, who are often out riding bikes or playing catch when we’re out for a walk in the evenings. We have a fantastic playground within walking distance, and we visit regularly because Max loves to swing on the swings. There are sometimes neighborhood barbecues and festivals that bring people together to talk and have fun. For example, we have a 4th of July parade, complete with decorated bikes and ice cream afterward. Our location offers many opportunities for children to learn and explore. There’s also a new elementary school just down the street that is one of the best in town. Our neighborhood is a short drive to many activities that are great for kids -- a minor league baseball stadium, a farmer’s market, and lots of museums. Our favorite is Hideaway Woods at the Museum of Life and Science, which has acres of treehouses and forts, so its like a huge outdoor jungle gym.

Our Extended Families
Dinner with Adam's Brother

Our extended families are important parts of our lives. Both Adam’s and Jen’s family put a lot of importance on being close, supporting one another, and laughing together.

Adam’s two brothers live in town and his dad is a few hours away near the coast. We get together often with Adam’s family and it’s always a blast! We like to play board games, grill out, watch sports, and listen to music. Adam and his brothers have especially close relationships. They like to work on projects together like making upgrades on their houses or working on vehicles and boats. We can’t wait to spend time on our boat with this child!

Jen & Her Mom

Jen’s family lives a little farther away, but we still get together with them often. We love traveling, going to festivals, finding new restaurants, and watching movies with them. We always eat lots of good food when we’re together. Every Thanksgiving, we all get out to run or walk the “Turkey Trot” to benefit a local hospital. It’s a fun way to spend the day with family before Thanksgiving dinner!

It’s hard to put into words just how excited both of our families are for another child. They keep telling us that they can’t wait to share the excitement of adding another member to the family. This child will be absolutely adored by our extended family and doted on from near and far!

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