Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our home is located Michigan in a small town where Jessica grew up. Our home is 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms with an open floor plan with the kitchen flowing into the living space. We have a fenced in back yard for this child to run around in with our dog, Axel. A large deck looks out over the backyard and is the scene of many barbecues with family. Our neighborhood has a big group of young kids so this child will have plenty of playmates.

There are many annual events held in our town each year. We have parades, movies in the park, and the annual art festival. There is a park in the center of town that has kids coming and going all year long. It is also where they install the ice rink in the winter. Our town does an annual Spooktacular event for Halloween, and a fire truck brings in Santa for a special lighting ceremony every Christmas season. All these events will be so much fun to experience with a child of our own!

Our Extended Families
Kevin's Family

We both have family that we are close to and see very often. Kevin grew up on a farm in Iowa and we travel to his hometown often to spend time with his family. If we cannot make it to Iowa we will meet in Chicago for a weekend a couple times a year. Jessica's parents and older brother live in Michigan and we see them on a weekly basis.

A few times a month we get together with Jessica's parents for games. There is a wide variety of games we play including, cards, dice, and outside games. We all have so much fun engaging in friendly competition.

Jessica's Family

One of our favorite traditions with family is celebrating Christmas. Every Christmas starts out with biscuits and gravy breakfast and talking before we get to open gifts. But our traditions don’t always revolve around holidays. Anytime the whole family is together we sit at the table and chat for hours just to catch up with one another. We are looking forward to starting some new traditions of our own with a child.

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