Our Extended Families
Sara's Family- They Are a Close-Knit Bunch

Sara is from a strong Catholic family. She is the youngest of six and has a twin brother. Her mom and three of her siblings still live in town. Sara's other two siblings live in the state of Missouri and visit often. She has four nieces and four nephews who she has watched grow up and has recently helped many of them plan weddings. Also, much of her extended family lives close by. Sara's father passed away a few years ago.

Chris is an only child with divorced parents. His mother still lives a couple of streets away and his father lives about 30 minutes away. Chris' father's side gets together annually to hunt. He also has a step brother and two young nieces.

Chris' Parents

Family time is important to us, from Sunday dinners, celebrating birthdays, holidays, watching sports, and taking trips our motto is that everything is always better together. Our families love being together. Both Sara and Chris' families get together to celebrate many special occasions. We gather to watch Cardinal baseball and BBQ together. In the Fall, we watch and cheer on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. We take turns cooking and spend our weekends together. On Sundays, we attend Mass.

Chris' mom was adopted and has shared some of her experiences with us. Both our families are very supportive of our adoption plan and are eager to have a new member of the family.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in the same small river town in Missouri where we both were born and raised. Our families are close by and we have many opportunities to spend time together. We know our neighbors and our town is filled with many activities that make it a quiet hometown. There are many annual festivals with family centered activities that focus on bringing residents out and people together. Our church offers us the opportunity to grow spiritually and socially. Together these draw us into a strong community.

In Front of Our Huge Christmas Tree

Our town has a good public school district as well as private schools. Sara teaches in our community and we hope to have our child attend the school that she is at. We are right down the street from the middle school and high school.

We own our own home and it is located on a quiet, dead end street. Our home is a split-level house with three bedrooms, a spacious living/dining room upstairs, and a family room in the basement. It also has a large backyard, and a park located nearby. We are within walking distance of the YMCA, the park, and one set of grandparents. Our community also has two swimming pools, one community and one private, many playgrounds and parks, along with many places to visit and enjoy. We feel that our home and community are the perfect place to raise a family.

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