Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a small, suburban town in Alabama near water. It is a community of families! It holds many family oriented events, including Mardi Gras. It is not crazy, like New Orleans, but very family-oriented. There are numerous state parks to explore and white sand beaches not too far away!

Our neighborhood is large, with sidewalks, lots of trees, a pool, and even horse stables! Every evening we listen to the sounds of the neighborhood kids playing. We live on a quiet cul-de-sac. On the street behind us is a small lake. We can hear the chorus of frogs at night.

Our house is shaded by oak trees. We have a wide porch in front and a smaller one in the back that leads to our fenced back yard. There are 3 bedrooms in the house and two and a half bathrooms. Two large bedrooms and a bathroom are upstairs. Our favorite room is the den (living room) because it is in this room that we hangout the most. In it we have a brick fireplace and many windows.

We believe that we have a great home where a child can thrive and explore and play safely. We have deep roots in our hometown. It is close to our hearts and part of who we are.

Our Extended Families
Beau & His Dad

Almost all of Beau's extended family lives in Alabama with us. When they all get together, his parents light up the grill and cook steak. During holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Easter, they like to play a competitive game like Badminton or Kick Ball! Each team has a silly name. They are very athletic and love to joke around. His parents also live on a river. They enjoy taking the grandkids on boat rides. The best days are spent riding in the boat on the river during the sunset or cruising to a riverside restaurant.

Keri with Her Sister & Niece

Half of Keri's side of the family lives in Louisiana. She is the 2nd oldest of the maternal cousins. They are very close knit. When they get together they like to play card games such as Spades or Rummy. They are a Cajun family with deep Sicilian roots, so during the special occasions they cook their famous Spaghetti meat sauce. They can talk and joke for hours swinging on the porch and watching the children play. The youngest cousin is only 6 years old, while the oldest (Keri's sister, Cori) is 27 and has the first grandchild, who is 2.

Our families are very supportive of us and our adoption plan. They know we can love any child if we are only given the opportunity. Our family has such welcoming hearts! Please know that your child will inherit a large, boisterous, fun-loving clan on both sides!

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