Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Family means everything to us, and we chose our home and community with raising a family in mind. When Talia’s parents decided to sell their house, we saw it as a prime opportunity to live closer. We combined our households and were able to design a custom multi-generational house for the four of us to live in with room for future children. Her parents live on the first floor and we share the kitchen, family room, and amenities. We already have a nursery set up for your child to come home to and grow up in. We also have a big backyard for them to play in with our two Jack Russell Terriers.

Our Neighborhood Farmstand

The neighborhood itself has a farm where we can buy fresh, organic foods. We have walking trails, camping sites, swimming pools, dog parks, playgrounds and even a sledding hill. The community hosts many events throughout the year for children, including cooking classes, grow your own vegetables, camps, glow-in-the-dark runs, swim team and parties for holidays. On our street and the adjoining court, there are over 40 children with some on the way. There would never be a shortage of friends as playmates for your child!

Our Extended Families
Disney World with Bruce's Family

Our family is very much like the families in the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Talia has a huge, loud, Cuban and Puerto Rican family with lots of love and affection. They have adopted Bruce as one of their own. Bruce's family, on the other hand, is much smaller and quieter but have blended seamlessly into Talia’s.

Talia’s parents live with us, which is wonderful to know that we take care of each other. Her mother is an amazing cook, so she does the cooking while we do the cleaning. We have movie nights, eat dinner together and typically vacation together, too. Talia’s younger brother lives nearby and we see him often. Bruce and Talia’s father and brother have season tickets to the Washington Nationals (baseball) and go to games together.

Talia's Family

We spend every other Christmas in Scotland with Bruce's family. The other holidays we spend with Talia’s extended family and cherish the joy, culture, and unique traditions of each. Your child would be welcomed and loved by our entire family on both sides of the Atlantic.

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