Our Extended Families
Thanksgiving with George's Family

We have strong relationships with our families and make sharing our lives with them a priority. Both of us are close to our parents and still look to them as examples of remarkable love for family. George’s side of the family lives within ten minutes of us and we frequently see them for Sunday dinners, birthday parties, or just stopping by for a cup of tea. Moira’s side of the family is back in Texas and we make it a priority to visit them several times a year. They are also a big part of our lives and could not be more supportive of adoption. We have 11 nieces and nephews who are constant reminders as to why we want to be parents and they are so very excited to meet our new family member when he or she arrives. We alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays between our two families and always host Easter. We always include parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, and sometimes fellow lacrosse players from my nephew’s college!

Moira and Her Mom

We also have a great group of friends who are like family to us and have been so enthusiastic in their support for us to grow our family. Most of them have children of their own and we have a great time sharing in their joy. We regularly attend sports, fundraisers, and music concerts to support their children’s activities and we love it.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a wonderful neighborhood that is within a large city but has a charming suburban feel to it. Our street is filled with large, gorgeous trees and all single family homes with residents of all ages. We have many families with young children as well as some retirees who love seeing the kids. It is the sort of neighborhood where everyone says “good morning” or “hello” when out walking the dog. In the summertime, it is common to see a block party on a Saturday and all the families and neighbors out having a great time. During Halloween and the holiday season, the houses in our area are all decked out with bright, creative and festive displays. Ours is one of the neighborhoods people bring their children to for the good trick or treating and we love it. We have regular neighborhood music festivals and farmers markets within a 2 mile radius of our home. There are several wonderful parks near us with fantastic play equipment and water sprays during the summer.

Neighborhood Park

We live in a comfortable 4 bedroom and 3 bath split level home with a basement that will make a great playroom for those cold winter days inside. We have a cozy back patio and garden area on which we love hosting BBQs and shrimp boils. Our favorite room is the kitchen as it always feels like the heart of the home.

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