Our House and Neighborhood
This Home is Full of Love & Laughter, But Missing a Baby's Pitter Patter

Our home is a beautiful split-level located in a quaint town in Pennsylvania. We have four bedrooms and can't wait to make one a nursery for this child. We love our basement. It has a fireplace for the cold winter nights, a ping-pong table (Derek always wins), a Wii and board games. We have a big backyard with fruit trees, a fire pit and a big deck. Brutis definitely approves of the backyard (especially when there are bunnies and squirrels that sneak in.) We love opening our home and hosting friends and family.

Our neighborhood is very quiet. We have Amish neighbors with chickens, mules, horses and cows. They have a stand in the summer with fresh produce and baked goods (YUMMY). It is peaceful to walk through our neighborhood where there is a covered bridge and a lot of farm lands.

Our community has a swimming pool and several fun playgrounds to enjoy in the summer. We have several libraries close by that plan events for children throughout the year that we would love to take your child to. We have farm shows/fairs around us that we like to go to to eat funnel cakes, look at the animals and enjoy the different shows/ tractor pulls.

It is a short drive to theme parks, farmer's markets, zoos, theaters, dinner theaters, and factory tours. We are also conveniently located where we can travel to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York City for a day trip.

Our Extended Families
Stephanie's Family

Stephanie's family is small, but spread throughout the United States. When we get together it is called Family Fun Time. We play games like UMP, Scrabble, Dominoes, and Sequence. We share big meals consisting of Texas Salad, Sweet Potato Souffle, rolls and other "fixins." We also love spending summers with our nephew doing all the fun kid "stuff" like mini-golfing, bowling, water-parks, movies, carnivals, and eating ice cream!

Derek's Parents & the Grandkids

Derek's immediate family lives close by. For Christmas, we rotate names then write poems and give them a gift. We share the Christmas story and sing carols. The nephews and nieces like puzzles so we usually end up around a table putting one together. We enjoy going over for dinner on weeknights and having Derek's dad around to be Mr. Fix-it. Derek's extended family is large and we have three reunions a year. One has camping where kids can play, then in the morning we have a worship service and family lunch.

Both families are very excited (we are already getting presents) to welcome this child into our family. They pray for and love this child already and are waiting with open arms, just like us!

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