Our House and Neighborhood
Our Beautiful Home

Our home is nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac of a tree filled, gated community. On our street alone there are many families with young children whom Barron and Lily play with often. Most evenings our street is full of kids laughing and playing before dinnertime, buzzing up and down the cul-de-sac on bikes and scooters. Our community is a melting pot of different ages and life stages. There are families with school age children, retired couples that act as the neighborhood Grandmas and Grandpas and many parents our age with small children and newborns. There is also a beautiful park, pool, and soccer fields within walking distance of our home. We just love to ride bikes to the pool on hot summer days and play with all the neighbor kids.

Each Christmas our community hires a fire engine and a police car for a special holiday tradition. The fire engine and police car lead the way through the neighborhood with their red lights flashing and Santa (one of our neighbors) drives behind in a tinsel and Christmas light covered golf cart. They tour all the streets, giving candy canes to the kids. All the kids line up at the end of their driveways to wait and cheer for Santa. The look on their faces when Santa rounds the corner with a fire and police escort and riding a golf cart is priceless!

Our Extended Families
Being Silly with Ashley's Family

We are very blessed to both come from tight knit, loving families. The majority of our parents and sisters live within minutes of our home and we see them regularly. Whether its golf cart rides with Papa, cooking breakfast from scratch with Granny or hosting chili night at our house we cherish our time with our whole family. Recently we took an amazing vacation to the mountains of Colorado with Ashley’s family. We don’t have snow at our house, so the skiing and ice-skating were especially fun for everyone. The best part of the whole trip was the snowball fights and big mugs of hot chocolate afterwards.

Cousin Sleepover

Without a doubt, we wouldn’t be who we are today without our family. Their unconditional love and support through all of the seasons of our lives have blessed us tremendously and we cannot wait to share this blessing with another child. Everyone is very excited about our decision to complete our family through adoption. They cannot wait to welcome a new child and are already planning fun vacations and activities to do with him or her years down the road.

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