Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We chose to live in our neighborhood because it’s family friendly, very safe, and has great nearby schools. We are close with many of our neighbors, whom we see while walking to our neighborhood park. Many of our neighbors have children of all ages who enjoy free range of our safe, cul-de-sac. Our driveway is a common meeting spot since it’s large and flat - great for riding bikes!

Our light filled, three bedroom home is warm and inviting. We spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, grilling in the backyard, or entertaining friends and family in our living room. Our family room is dedicated to toys, crafts, and books! We have a fenced backyard for this child to enjoy. Our house is close to downtown where we are able to enjoy restaurants, live music, sporting events, museums, and other cultural activities.

In our neighborhood, there are many activities within walking distance such as parks, a coffee shop, playgrounds, a swimming pool, a YMCA, and walking trails. One of our favorite times of year is the 4th of July where there is a neighborhood parade and barbecue. The kids decorate their bikes with streamers and balloons, and there is a prize for the best decoration. We look forward to participating in all the fun with this child!

Our Extended Families
Christmas With Melissa's Family

We have a small, close-knit family and spend a lot of time with them. They are very loving and fun to be around! Our families are so supportive of our choice to pursue adoption again, and they can’t wait to welcome a child to our family!

Thanksgiving With Jeff's Family

Melissa’s parents and brother live within 10 minutes of where we live. We go out to dinner regularly and spend weekends in the summer helping pick vegetables and picnicking at their farm nearby. Once a week, Melissa’s mom picks up our son from school. She loves to spend time with her grandson and can’t wait to have two grandkids! One of Melissa’s favorite memories from childhood is sitting around the dinner table with her family just talking and making each other laugh. We look forward to having the same warmth, joy, and conversations continue in our home when our children grow older!

Jeff’s parents are also such wonderful grandparents. His father is always the first one on the floor with our son, niece, and nephew - he loves to make them smile! Even though Jeff’s family doesn’t live in the same city as us, we regularly travel the few hours to visit them, or they will come visit us. During the summer we enjoy spending time at his family’s lake house with his parents, brother and sister, and their families, where we water ski, barbecue, and roast marshmallows. We know that these trips will be so much more fun with this child!

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