Our House and Neighborhood
Home is Where the Heart Is

We live in a happy house full of natural light, books, laughter and living room dance parties.

Our small suburban community is located on the edge of a large metropolitan city, giving us the best of both worlds. We’re only 15 minutes away whenever we want to take in an NBA game, museum or water park; while our community offers a highly rated school district, hometown parades and a local community center, library and pool.

Our neighborhood is full of families with young to school-aged children who play together until the street lights come on - shooting hoops, riding bikes or fishing in our pond.

Our 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house is decorated with many handmade items, including a large hutch that will be used in your child’s nursery to hold his or her photos, books and toys. Our large, fenced backyard backs up to the wooded walking trails, which lead to the playground and fishing pond. We love taking our dogs for walks in the evening and letting them splash around in the water.

But what we love most about our house is that it’s our home - where we live together, laugh often and make memories.

Our Extended Families
Family Fun Day

Brian comes from this big, loud and fun family. Brian's parents, his siblings and their children all live within 20 minutes of us. We frequently get together to take our boat out on the lake, watch college football and for our traditional Christmas Eve celebration where Santa cruises by on a pontoon boat and gives out gifts to the kids. It's not unusual for the entire family to roll out for one of our niece or nephew's dance recitals or sports events. Our family has season tickets to the University of Oklahoma's home football games and the entire crew will often meet up to tailgate before kickoff.

Cousin Love in Rhode Island

Fawn's family lives within an hour of us and we head down there at least once a month to visit. In Fawn's family, it's all about the board games. We teach them young and Family Game Night on Saturdays has been going strong for at least 20 years. We are passing the torch on to the next generation of Yahtzee! and Pictionary players.

Our families are wildly supportive of our desire to adopt and cannot wait to embrace your child as their newest grandchild, niece or nephew and cousin. We are excited to share the warmth and joy of our families with your child. Family is the heartbeat of our lives and we are incredibly grateful to share such closeness with ours.

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