Our Extended Families
Our Family

Our families are close-knit and fun on both sides. We enjoy spending time with each other at various gatherings or family game nights talking, sharing stories, laughing (a lot!) and playing board/card games. Lauren’s sister lives in New York and has 1 son; Nathan’s 2 sisters live local to us and have a total of 6 children. Lauren is very close to her parents, who although divorced remained close friends. Her mother recently passed away, but was very excited at the prospect of us adopting. Her father lives in Georgia, visits a minimum of 3 times yearly and he too is looking forward to another grandchild. Nathan is also very close to his parents, who live about an hour away and visit frequently - whether it be to discover new places to eat; see a new movie or just spend the weekend talking and enjoying each other. Our family is excited about our plan to adopt and they’re looking forward to being introduced to and forming a relationship with this child. We all look forward to sharing old and building new family traditions with this child.

Lauren & Her Sister
Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our community is full of young children and is very family oriented. Many weekends, we’ll see families out walking with strollers or pets, or children riding skateboards or biking. We often run into neighbors while out shopping or at the local farmer’s market. We had our home built in a quiet rural area of Maryland about 30 minutes from a major metropolitan area. Our home sits on 2 acres, has an open floor plan with lots of light, 4 bedrooms and (our favorite) a large family room to socialize or play games and plenty of room in the fenced-in backyard to run around with our dog. Nathan’s eldest sister also lives in our neighborhood less than a mile away, so there’s always family nearby. There are a few adoptive families with young children in the neighborhood as well. The community has multiple events throughout the year for example, Family Day – a sort of neighborhood block party, where food and drinks are available and all the children come out to play together; the bi-annual Community Yard Sale, where families are out meeting new or visiting neighbors while perusing gently used items for sale; and Halloween - the community is out in droves with their costumed little ones for Trick-or-Treating. There are walking/hiking trails, wide-open parks, playgrounds and tennis courts nearby where neighboring families are often seen. We love our home and our neighborhood!

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