Our House and Neighborhood
Our Condo Has Beautiful Views

We live in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo. We spend a lot of time in our living room and on our balcony to watch the sunset. Our building has a swimming pool. Our building is a mixture of retired people and young families with children of all ages and ethnicities. It is located in a medium sized city.

We participate in cultural events in our community. Every Memorial Day, they have a Lantern Floating Ceremony. It is a time for people to come together to honor their departed loved ones and to support each other on a day of remembrance. Many people decorate and write messages on lanterns before releasing them to float on the ocean. During the summer, there are several Bon Dance festivals. Bon Dance is a Buddhist tradition of commemorating ancestors. In Hawaii, they have become a cultural event with food, activities, and dancing open to the entire community. In December, our town holds a holiday light festival. A large outdoor Christmas tree and Mr. and Mrs. Claus are featured.

Any activity that we want to be involved in, such as shopping, going to a museum, festival, etc. is within minutes of our home. Tracy sometimes takes dance classes at a nearby studio. Several sports activities are nearby. We would spend a lot of time here, if our child decides to be involved with one of these activities. We are within 1 mile of the beach, where we would enjoy time with our child.

Our Extended Families
Will With His Father & Brothers

We share close relationships with our families. Prior to our move to Hawaii, we lived close to Tracy’s parents, sister, and grandmother. We would often get together for dinner, to help each other with household tasks, or enjoy each other’s company. Although moving has made getting together less frequent, we still talk to our families often and plan yearly visits. We anticipate more visits from our family when we have a child.

Christmas at the Beach With Family

Tracy’s mom grew up in Seoul, South Korea and her extended family resides there. We recently had the opportunity to visit South Korea and spend time with her extended family there.

Will is the youngest of five boys. He's an uncle to 10 nieces and nephews and is affectionately called "Uncle Jungle Gym" by the smaller ones. The majority of his family lives throughout California. When we can, we travel to his father's place for the holidays so that we can spend quality time with everyone. Everyone is looking forward to welcoming this child as the new addition to our family.

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