Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our home was built to hold a big, loving family. It's traditional and is on a street filled with families, and even a few dogs for our pup to play with. We have four bedrooms and a huge family room, where we like to spend time playing with our dog in front of the fireplace in winter. We also have a pool in the backyard, so our house becomes a summer hangout - the neighborhood kids swim for hours, and Jeff loves to make burgers on the grill.

We are just down the road from a new elementary school. We have a large park around the corner that is a favorite meeting place for parents, children and pets. We live in a medium-sized city in Michigan, which has a picturesque downtown filled with restaurants, shops and lots of activities.

Our central location near a major city gives us access to all professional sporting events, highly-ranked museums and top universities- we love our home and its location.

Our Extended Families
With Jeff's Parents at Our Wedding

Jeff's family is FUN- his parents are the grandparents who like to dance, play games and be silly. They have retired in Florida, and visits with them have become the perfect launching pad for quick trips to have fun in Orlando. Vacations to to see them have become cherished getaways with Jeff's daughter, Mia. Mia is 12 years old and is a straight "A" student, who loves dance. While Mia lives with her mom, we all spend lots of time together and have created a strong bond- in many respects, we are a real version of "Modern Family."

Hank and His Mom at the White House

Hank's extended family is BIG- he has many first cousins and is in regular contact with all of them. While he is an only child, he's never really felt like one, as he's always had plenty of family close by. He is excited to share the family traditions he has enjoyed with his parents. For example, Christmas Eve is an important gathering, where his entire family (more than 100 strong) gathers for a night of food and fun.

We've also started a new family tradition on Thanksgiving, gathering family to go to a Detroit Lions football game and enjoying lots of food afterwards at our home. While the Lions typically lose, all that matters is that we are all together. (Secretly, Jeff is hoping this child becomes a Tigers fan...)

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