Our House and Neighborhood
Our Happy Home

We live in a fairly large neighborhood in Missouri along the Mississippi River. Our neighborhood is full of families with kids of all ages. We have enjoyed getting to know many new people by taking frequent family walks with our dog. Our house is a 4 bedroom home with a large family room, play room, dining room, and a large backyard. We have enjoyed decorating it and making it our own since moving in. Kylie has loved picking out the color of paint for her bedroom and decorating her play room. Christy is already making plans to add lots of color around the house this spring by planting all of her favorite flowers.

One of Our Favorite Parks

Throughout the year we like to take part in the many festivals and gatherings. There is an annual St. Patrick's Day parade, fireworks display on the 4th of July, and Food Truck nights at some of the local parks.

One of our favorite parks has a zoo, paddle boats, and lots of other attractions that lead to family fun weekends. We often meet family and friends here to have picnic lunches. It's a great place to throw a Frisbee, play catch, walk our dog, ride bikes or have a great day being together.

Our Extended Families
Bowling with Christy's Family

We grew up very close to our families and those bonds have only grown as we have gotten older. Both Christy and Justin's parents and Justin's sister live in the immediate area. They can't wait to welcome another little one into the family to spoil like crazy. Christy's sister, brother-in-law, and nephew recently moved to Hawaii. We talk to them often through video chat because Kylie and Xander are very close. All of us love to get together to laugh, tell stories, play games, and just have lots of fun.

Christy has extended family both in the area and all over the world. We have so much fun being together in different parts of the country. We love to carry on family traditions for holidays, events, and random dinners. One of our favorite things to do together is to go bowling! It's a tradition that started quite a few years ago and has only gotten to be more fun, and more competitive!

With Justin's Family

Justin's extended family is more spread out both in age and distance but thanks to technology, he has been able to connect with them more and has become closer with cousins, aunts and uncles that he has not had the opportunity before.

Our families have grown together in many ways especially since our daughter Kylie joined our lives. A new little one will only bring us closer together.

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