Our Extended Families
Sammi's Family with the Dogs

Sammi's parents are both remarried and live in northern Iowa. Both sets of parents are thrilled to be grandparents, as this will be their first grandchild. Eliot, Sammi's brother, is also extremely excited to be an uncle. When Sammi's dad, Doug, and his wife, Mary, come to visit, we relax, enjoy local wineries and artists, and play cribbage. Sammi's mom, Kathy, and her husband, Dave come to visit on a regular basis. We fix things around the house, play games, are entertained by the dogs, go on walks, drink coffee, and enjoy each other's company.

Korby's parents, Brenda and Kenneth, live in our hometown in Missouri. We get together every couple of weeks for family dinners, along with Korby's brothers, Kanon and Bryce (and his wife and family). Brenda's regular dinners include her boy's favorite dishes, such as Po' Boy Spaghetti, and dessert for her grandchildren. Our nephews are always entertaining during these get-togethers and have said themselves that they are ready for a cousin!

Our families are unique because although we have a combination of divorce and personality differences, all three sets of our parents are friends and enjoy being together. All of our parents are extremely supportive in our adoption. They frequently offer to help ready our house for children. We have regular bonfires and game nights when all of our family is in town. These often include our close friends as well.

Our House and Neighborhood
Front of Our House

Our house is in the middle of a neighborhood alive with kids of all ages. Kids frequently get together to play basketball or ride bikes in various driveways. There's a family across the street that just had a new baby that will be close to this child's age. Down the street is a public park with a tree house and large playground equipment. There are also two baseball fields in the same park, as well as a walking trail.

Our house has three bedrooms and two baths. We have a spacious living room and recreation room. The kitchen is also big; this is where we spend a lot of our time- food means love! Sammi's favorite room is the kitchen. Korby renovated it for her last Valentine's day. Korby's favorite room is the living room, where Sammi plays the piano and we get together with friends and family. We have a large fenced in backyard for our dogs, Koda and Bear.

The community holds 5k runs and walks for families on a monthly basis. These are in support of the homeless, cancer awareness, and other good causes. The elementary schools hold carnivals to support “Parents as Teachers.” Our neighbors and community have been supportive of us in our adoption process as well. Not only have people initiated fundraisers to help us, but also complete strangers have contributed to us bringing this child into our home.

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