Our Extended Families
Hugs from Grandma

Sabrina's parents (Papa Rod and Grandma Brenda) live 3 hours away and we see them at least once a month. They are such amazing grandparents and are very involved in our children's lives. It has become a family tradition to take the kids to their county fair and swimming lessons every summer. Last summer they bought a tent just so they could camp out in the backyard while the kids were visiting! You can find them in the stands at every school / church program, kindergarten graduations, dance recital and sport event. . Sabrina grew up very close to her aunts, uncles and cousins and we still remain close and see each other often.

Easter with Grandma & Grandpa

JD's parents live on the same ranch as us so we see them almost every day! They are also very hands on grandparents. Grandma Tracey loves to have the kids help her in her garden and Papa Bob builds box forts with the kids and is always ready to drop what he's doing to come see a fort they made or find a jar to help them catch lady bugs. JD has 2 younger brothers who visit often. JD also grew up close to his extended family. His Grandparents love to host big holiday dinners. His Grandpa Oscar even pretends he's Santa every Christmas for the little ones.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We are so fortunate to raise our family on the same ranch both JD and his dad grew up on! Our home overlooks the beautiful North Dakota badlands. It is so important to us that our kids can run out the front door and have wide open spaces to play, race their bikes, use their imagination, ride their ponies, build tree forts, chase butterflies, catch frogs and explore! We share our ranch with 2 dogs (Patrick and Rudy), barn cats, horses and cows.

Our Horse Barn

Our home has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen with a big dining room table where we eat dinner together every night, and a cozy living room with oversize furniture perfect for snuggling up with a book, or having family movie nights. The large deck on the front and fire pit gives us plenty of room to host friends for bbq's and bonfires complete with s'mores.

Our community is small yet progressive and has a wonderful school system where our daughter is in 1st grade. The community recently added a new indoor pool, ice skating rink, baseball field, basketball courts, skate park and bike path. We also have a wonderful park that hosts community picnics, an Easter egg hunt and is a perfect shady spot to watch the annual Fourth of July parade. The Church we attend has many young families and we enjoy spending time with our church family and teaching Sunday School.

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