Our Extended Families
Christmas Pajama Party!

Family is very important to us. We came from strong rooted families and those bonds have grown. We have wonderful, supportive parents and siblings who are a lot of fun to be around. Our sets of parents have taught us about commitment as they themselves have demonstrated in their own 16, 27 and 49 years of marriage. Jason’s parents divorced when he was very young, and like many young parents, they needed help, which was provided by surrounding friends and family members. Andrea’s family gets together for holidays, birthday parties, and sporting events while Jason’s family has Fourth of July parties, holidays, and four wheeler fun. Andrea calls her mother daily and both of us talk to family members weekly. Andrea has one brother with three children and one sister with two large fur babies (Alaskan Malamutes). We go to softball games, dance recitals, build forts, and go birthday parties to celebrate together. Jason has a sister with three boys, a sister in grad school, and a brother who just turned sixteen. When we visit, we enjoy spending time doing outside activities like swimming, playing hockey, or barbecuing. Andrea’s father passed away in 2013 and her mother is retired and loves to travel. Jason’s mother has been a nurse for over twenty years and his father works from home which allows him to spend as much time as possible with the family. Both families are excited for another child and their support has always been a quality we both appreciate.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We recently moved from Chicago to a beautiful home in southwest Michigan. It is within 30 minutes of Jason’s father’s house and a little over an hour from our families in Chicago, so we visit with them frequently. We live in a newer home with plenty of room for children. We love our home and have taken the time to make it our own. Andrea can't wait to put decorating skills to work on a nursery for the baby. She has also spent time creating gardens in our cozy front and back yards. Jason has spent a lot of time mowing, edging, and weeding the lawn to make our house picture perfect.

Hiking in the Local State Park

Our house is in a wonderful family neighborhood. The local schools are excellent, our parish is very active, and our neighbors are friendly and helpful. We enjoy speaking to our neighbors about gardening, sports, and the goings-on of the neighborhood and community. It is a safe, child-friendly area where you can always find children riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk or playing in their front yards with other neighborhood children. In the downtown area, we enjoy a year-round schedule of festivals and events that are geared toward children and family activities. We are also able to enjoy the lakefront, as the beach is a quick ten-minute drive. There we can visit several playgrounds, a splash pad area, a children’s museum, and the beach- sometimes we have a hard time deciding on just one.

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