Our House and Neighborhood
Our Happy Home

We own a single family home in a quiet lakeside suburb of a large city in Illinois. We chose our house and our neighborhood because we knew it would provide a great environment for raising a family. There is a feeling of warmth and love as soon as you enter the house. It is three stories, with a large back yard, tall trees, five bedrooms, and a finished basement, so there is plenty of space for kids to grow and play. The sandy beaches of Lake Michigan and two great parks are also just steps from our home, so there is never a shortage of fun things for kids to do.

Our neighborhood is filled with young, energetic, and close-nit families, who like us mostly commute to office jobs in the city. There is a wonderful sense of pride in our community. Everyone is friendly, it is very safe, and it has one of the top ranked school systems and parks districts in the country. Families often take turns hosting fun events, like neighborhood barbecue cook-outs, and the local parks also regularly sponsor great family-oriented programs and gatherings for the entire community. We love our neighborhood and are excited to raise our family here!

Our Extended Families
Kayaking with Family

We share very strong relationships with our extended families. We often have family dinners at Dan's parent's house, which is about 20 minutes away, and we enjoy going with Kelly’s parents up to their lake house in northern Michigan where we can ski and relax on the beach as a family. We also have brothers and numerous grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces that live nearby and visit often.

Kelly's Family

Being near our families was very important (and fun!) for each of us growing up and we have many fun traditions and experiences we are excited to share with your child. For example, every year Kelly's family plans a big family ski trip to Colorado and at Christmas her entire extended family stays at her parent's house for a crazy week of laughing, cooking and playing games. Dan's family also has an annual holiday tradition with his entire extended family getting together at his grandparent's place on Christmas Eve to celebrate and open presents around the tree.

Our families are both extremely supportive of our plan to adopt again. Any child that comes into our family will be loved unconditionally by a very large group of people who are excited to share old traditions and new adventures. They will also have an amazing older sister to help along the way!

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