Our Extended Families
Halloween with Veronica's Family

What makes our family unique is our love of Halloween. Veronica and her siblings every year follow a theme that is picked by her brother’s children. When our child comes into the family they will be able to participate in picking the theme. Not only do Veronica and her siblings participate but all the spouses as well. We start early and plan a build around the theme. We experiment with materials and have recently started incorporating robotics. The children also help build by painting or paper mache.

Ryan's Sister and Her Family

Both sides of our family enjoy spending time together mostly around eating. We have a lot of family dinners whether that be at someone’s house or at a restaurant. Many times, both of our extended families come together to participate. Both of us have most of our extended families within a 30-mile radius. Veronica’s parents and sister live a little further but are within a three-hour drive.

Both of our families are very supportive and excited about our plan to adopt. Both sets of grandparents are ready for the adoption to happen as they want more grandkids! Our siblings are also very excited at the prospect of adding more cousins to group of children that we already have and to the activities we participate in.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We absolutely love our neighborhood! We have been so blessed to have our neighbors and community. There are many children in our neighborhood and some of the children know that we are trying to adopt. Two of our neighbor's children wrote a reference letter for us and have been so excited to be part of the process. Our neighbors even threw us an adoption party to celebrate our decision. There are many neighborhood dogs that are friends and have doggie play dates too!

Our neighborhood is somewhat small and close knit. We have a small activities committee that plans several events every year. Veronica is on the committee and is in charge of the annual children’s Christmas caroling. Another very popular event is the annual 4th of July fireworks show. We have a large party for families and even our local police force comes out to celebrate with us!

Our home is situated at the very back of our neighborhood and sits on a five acre wooded lot. It is nice and private, but not so cut off that we feel isolated. We can’t see our neighbors but we can sometimes hear them if they are outside. Our house has four bedrooms, a screened in deck, and a small home theater where we can watch movies. We will also have a large garden this year!

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