Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our home has an open kitchen and family room, which is where we spend most of our time. It’s really convenient to be able to interact with those in the family room while making snacks or a meal in the kitchen. The family room has French doors which open onto a large, covered patio with a TV and fire pit. Today, we love spending time out there grilling with friends and playing ball with our dog, Murphy. In the future, we look forward to playing in the yard with our children and their neighborhood friends!

We live in a family-oriented neighborhood where everyone is on a first-name basis. It’s a great mix of families from young working couples like us, who are just starting their families, to retired couples, who are home during the day. Most of the houses are on large wooded lots, so the neighborhood has a country feel to it even though we live in the city.

Our house is a golf cart ride away from the lake ... during the summer, it's the place to be! Spending time at the lake is a great way to interact with our neighbors, and we hope will provide a fun way for our children to make lifelong friends.

Our Extended Families
Kim's Family

Brad has lost both of his parents, but we have a wonderful and close relationship with Brad’s brother, cousins, and Kim’s family … and it is important to us to spend time with them often. Our niece and nephew love eating at Logan’s so they can throw peanut shells on the ground. They usually dominate the conversation by telling us the latest apps to download, showing us the coolest YouTube videos, and getting an update on their sports teams, dance activities, etc. Smart phones and social media make it very easy for us all to communicate regularly.

Brad & His Mom

We love to spend Christmas with our family ... it is a 3-day event so we can see everyone! We exchange gifts on Christmas Eve with Kim’s family ... we eat all day, and play board games with our niece and nephew until late at night. They are old enough now where we don’t have to let them win!

Birthdays are also a big deal in our family! The birthday boy/girl gets to pick the restaurant for dinner, and then we all come back to our house for presents, cake, and ice cream. We look forward to celebrating all of these events with our children!

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