Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We recently moved into a new house. It has four bedrooms upstairs, a family room, eat-in kitchen, dining room and Trey's office on the main floor, plus a finished basement with a game room and project room. We also have a large, fenced backyard (which the dogs LOVE) with woods in the back and an in-ground swimming pool. We probably spend the most time in the family room, which has lots of windows.

The area we live in is centrally located to pretty much everything--the elementary school is four minutes from the house, there are restaurants and all kinds of shops right around the corner, plus there's a large park with a huge playground less than a mile from us. We have close family less than five minutes away, downtown is a 25-minute drive, and our family owns a farm with a pond and a freshwater spring that's only a 45-minute drive from our front door. Our backyard also has a large playset --and from the upper level, you can see fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Our Extended Families
Steph's Family

We are fortunate to have a lot of family members we enjoy being around. Steph's parents, brother/sister-in-law and their two young children live in town near us. Trey's parents, grandfather, brother/sister-in-law and their young daughter live out of state, but we see them all several times a year. Also, Trey has a step-mother that we also see a few times a year, in addition to his aunt and uncle, and cousins from that side of the family.

Trey's Step-Family

Family traditions include enjoying good food with good company. We also like to play games when we get together with Trey's step-family to celebrate Christmas, and Steph's family for Hanukkah. A traditional meal at Steph's parents' house often includes beef brisket and salmon. And at Hanukkah, potato pancakes, blintzes, and corned beef. And always homemade desserts. There is no shortage of good food at any family gathering, regardless of who we're visiting. Trey and his dad are both writers and enjoy correcting each other's grammar, while Steph revels in beating either one of them at Words With Friends/Scrabble.

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