Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in rural Nebraska, just outside the city. We have the convenience of being close to town, and the room to roam and spend peaceful time outside. We are surrounded by cornfields and sometimes cows, with farmers down the road who are always friendly and helpful.

Our Barn

We live in a beautiful historic home that was built in 1895 and has been restored with modern touches. There are 3 floors with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. We love spending time in our family room. It is where we go at the end of the day to relax with our indoor pets, and share about our day. Rachel enjoys having a craft area in the home to sew and work on projects while she is home during the day, and a large kitchen to cook meals for Jim and hopefully one day a family. Jim enjoys our large garage/building to prepare BBQ on the weekends.

Our large historic barn is the favorite of most, we enjoy using it to host fun events. Our 6 chickens even have their own cute barn chicken coop, and we are grateful to have their fresh eggs every day. Our property includes a small apple orchard in which we host an apple picking event every fall.

We belong to a church which is incredibly close and supportive. They host many events which we enjoy taking part in, and can’t wait to include our child in this community.

Our Extended Families
Our Nieces & Nephews

We both come from close families with our parents setting great examples having been married for 47 and 53 years. We know the true importance of family and look forward to introducing our families to our child.

Beach Family Reunion

Rachel’s parents live close by and are always open to coming over to help out with projects, or just to eat some BBQ that Jim smokes on the weekends. We enjoy seeing them for a dinner out and movie or to just hang out at the house to eat and chat.

Jim’s family lives out of state, but when we get together we enjoy playing cards, games, seeing movies, and just being together. Jim’s parents host a beach reunion each summer when all 5 siblings and their families (which includes 13 grandkids ranging in age from 4 to 22) spend a week together in a beach house, sharing meals, games, a talent show, and more. It's a great time for all and we cannot wait to add another child to the fun!

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