Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our community has miles of bike paths we ride every week, a lake where we gather for movies, music, and a picnic on summer evenings, and some of the greatest libraries and schools in the nation. We both grew up here, and we moved back to start our family because of the art festivals, farmer’s markets, and its celebrated diversity. Whether at the “tot lot” playground across the street, the public swimming pool three blocks away, or in the tree house in our yard, your child would have many fun activities to enjoy. We also have neighbors right next-door to play with who are from diverse families, even where mom and dad are of different ethnicities. The elementary school, ranked one of the best in the county, is right across the street, and the middle and high schools celebrate the greatest diversity in our area, with more than half the students from families of color.

Tot Lot Across the Street

Our 5-bedroom house sits back from the street with a big yard, and Heidi is always adding new flower gardens, leaving enough grass for a game of catch or volleyball. Michael picks tomatoes, cucumbers, or greens in the vegetable garden and shoots hoops in the driveway, and the local woods and community pond are great spots for exploring wildlife with friends.

Our Extended Families
Michael with His Siblings

Our family has the best of both worlds: one grandmother lives a few blocks away and comes for dinner almost every night, and one grandmother and grandfather live just outside of Disney World in Florida and welcome us and all their grandchildren for vacations. We each have four brothers and sisters, so when we all get together, it’s a full house, with cousins ranging from their twenties all the way down to baby, like a new child would be!

Christmas with Family

Our house is the family gathering place and all the aunts and uncles and cousins come over twice a year for a big group birthday party. We spend every Christmas Eve together too, with cousins exchanging Secret Santa presents with each other, and they can’t wait for another child to join in! Every few years we have reunions in the biggest house we can find at the beach or mountains.

We have family friends we love to spend time with too, so every other month, we choose Chinese, Italian, Southern, Maryland Crab Feast, or any other type of food and crowd into the kitchen together to cook up a storm! Friday night is Pizza Night at our home and anyone who shows up to join us can help choose the toppings! Our big family can’t wait to welcome a new child!

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