Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our neighborhood is full of active families with children. The echoes of laughter and children playing consistently ring throughout the neighborhood. We initially chose to move to our community because the schools here are among the best in Wisconsin. Both the elementary and junior high schools are within walking distance of our home and we look forward to being able to walk our future child to school every day.

Our three-story home is also within walking distance of the downtown, parks, grocery stores, and restaurants. We have four bedrooms, three baths, and an area in our lower level that is ready to be a playroom. We love to spend winter months in front of our fireplace, reading and snuggling with our sweet dog, Penny. Our backyard is large enough to run, play, build a swing set, and have a campfire. Our neighbors to the north have a bright red barn; we love this view as it changes throughout the seasons. There is a park and playground within a block of our home; it’s great for picnics and on the 4th of July they set off a fireworks display. We like to watch the fireworks from the comfort of our backyard.

Lastly, our home is only 20 minutes from a major metropolitan area. This makes for an easy trip to the zoo, museums, theater, or even a baseball game! We look forward to sharing with a child, all that our community and surrounding areas have to offer.

Our Extended Families
Family Tradition - Making Ice Cream at the Lake

We were both brought up in close-knit families. Both sets of our parents have been married for more than 30 years. We each have one younger sibling - Matt’s brother is newly married and Courtney’s sister has just earned her post-graduate degree. We no longer live in the areas where we grew up, but we are centrally located between each family. We enjoy traveling to see them as much as we are able. Skype and the internet have allowed us to maintain greater communication when we are not able to be there in person.

Courtney & Her Sister

Our family’s holiday traditions are also important to us. Some of these include dinners with extended family, decorating the Christmas tree, winter picnics by the fireplace, finding the best Christmas-light display, and attending Christmas Eve church service. Every year, Courtney’s dad makes beef stroganoff, the ‘secret’ family recipe, and we have continued this tradition. The 4th of July is also special to Courtney’s family because her dad helps with the fireworks. We try to visit the lake with her family whenever possible. We have continued these traditions but also look forward to creating more of our own.

When we shared our plans for adoption with our parents, Courtney’s mom was so excited she squealed, telling us to let her know when we would become parents and she would come to our home immediately to help. Our family has been incredibly supportive and is excited to share their love with you and your child.

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