Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We moved to Denver from Los Angeles four years ago because we were eager to enjoy all four seasons and have access to the outdoors. We enjoy taking trips to different mountain areas on the weekends, and exploring local trails and parks with our dog. We also take full advantage of the diverse cultures we find in the area, including visiting museums, shows and concerts.

Recently we moved into a new four-bedroom home in a great family neighborhood. Everyone on our block is close and we often get together for barbecues, block parties and movie nights. Our community hosts many family events, including farmers markets, summer outdoor concerts and shows, and multiple activities just for the kids.

At home we love spending time in our yard, where there is plenty of space for a child to run around and play. Our home has a great space for a play area and a guest room for when our out of town family and friends come to visit. We also have a nice garden where we grow flowers to cut for the table, and unique ingredients for cooking.

Our home is within walking distance to a large network of parks with paved trails, where we stroll with Rosie or ride our bikes. Along the trail, we meet up with many families, kids and dogs, who are on their way to the local sandbox, playgrounds, parks and pools. We are excited to share the trails and parks with a child!

Our Extended Families
David & His Mother

Both of our families are excited for us to grow our family through adoption. We all stay in touch regularly, and visit each other as often as we can.

We get together with our aunts, cousins and David's mom to celebrate holidays, special occasions and family events. They all live within a few hours of our house, which also makes it convenient to spend time at a museum, attend a baby shower, or have a BBQ in the backyard together.

Segway Fun With Parents

Sam's parents live near Disney World, and visits to them will certainly involve trips to the Magic Kingdom! We can't wait for the experience of sharing that with a child. Her parents are also looking forward to the more engaging and practical parts of being grandparents; her mother was a guidance counselor and has a large collection of stuffed animals and books waiting for a child, while her father has already started a college fund.

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