Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a diverse and family-oriented suburb outside a major city. Our neighborhood is great for kids. We have top-rated elementary and high schools. Within a few minutes' walk, we have an amazing recreation center that is open year-round. It includes an indoor play center with areas for costumed dress-up, areas for making music, rock climbing, tubes, tunnels, a toddler zone, and more. Outside there is a huge playground, ballfields, basketball courts and an awesome water park. Best of all, there are a lot of kids having a lot of fun! Also nearby, our local library offers story-time, a well-stocked craft room, play areas, kid-friendly areas for reading, summer camps, and books, of course! Our nieces and nephews rank our library as one as of their favorite destinations.

We own a three bedroom, single family home. The family room is definitely our favorite room: perfect for playing games, watching movies, and dancing! Of course, Alma spends a lot of time making homemade dishes in the kitchen and so it becomes a good place to hang out. Alma loves to garden in the back yard and grows butterfly-friendly flowers. Our bird feeders and bird bath attract cardinals, blue jays, and finches. You can hear birds singing from our kitchen.

Our house is part of a unique neighborhood with streets behind the houses and walk/bike areas in front of the houses. We hear children playing in the front area all the time, and we'd love your child to be among them.

Our Extended Families
Celebrating Alma's Niece

Alma comes from a large family that remains in close contact through visits, phone calls and Facetime. Alma is one of 8 siblings and has 13 nieces and nephews. They are tight-knit, supportive, and helpful to one another. We like to celebrate birthdays, holidays, weddings and just about anything!. The Christmas season is very special for us. Each year we host a Mexican Posada party, bringing family and dear friends together. We love Christmas decorations, the children’s enthusiasm for the piñata, the smell of the fruit and cinnamon in the ponche, the tasty food, and everyone joining in the traditional Christmas songs. Plenty of people are singing off-key, but it is great fun anyway! Peter’s mom adds a Polish touch to this tradition with some perogies. It’s no surprise that Alma loves life and people as much as she does.

Sunday Visit With Peter's Parents

Peter is an only child. His parents live close by. Peter’s parents are both doctors and they love music and art. Peter has learned many wonderful Polish traditions from them, including beautifully decorated eggs and a big feast at Easter. Peter is especially close to his cousin’s son, who looks up to Peter as a role model.

Each summer, we look forward to hosting nieces and nephews for hiking, camping, kayaking, sightseeing, visits to the nearby recreation center, trying new recipes, and movies are all part of their summers with us. We love to share our home with them and enjoy their enthusiasm for life. They can’t wait to have a new cousin!

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