Our Extended Families
Both Sides of the Family Together

Stephanie's family is very tight knit and does many fun activities together. We enjoy traveling together as a family anywhere from Florida to the Mountains. Traveling together has become one of our favorite experiences the past few years knowing that our parents won't always be with us and the nephews will only be young once and we love to experience the world together.

When we are not traveling, we love spending random Sunday dinners together as we all live within an hour apart. Stephanie's family is very much looking forward to the adoption, especially our nephew Jack who asks all the time when he will have a new cousin to play and become best friends with. What makes Stephanie's family unique is she comes from a large family with over forty first cousins and ten aunts and uncles.

Charles' Parents

We wished Charles has family that lived closer to the area. Charles’ sister and her husband are currently living out their dream of acting/producing in Hollywood. On the opposite end of the country resides the rest of Charles extended family in New York. We love to visit both yearly when we can. Charles’ parents on the other hand do live close by which is a blessing. We see them often for dinner and game nights. What makes Charles’ family is unique in that both Charles’ dad and grandpa have written books concerning their childhoods and enjoy sharing their experiences with the world. This will make great keepsakes for future generations.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in the state of Missouri. Our house is a cozy three-bedroom house with a large size eat-in kitchen that is perfect for family dinners. We are working on finishing the basement to include a family room and a kid's toy room to enjoy in the future. Stephanie has lived in this house for twelve years and Charles moved in after we got married. The neighborhood is very family-friendly where we all get along and take care of each other. Each Halloween we sit out in the cul-de-sac around a fire pit handing out candy to hundreds of neighborhood children. We happen to live in one of the best school districts in the state and look forward to our child attending. Within a few miles of our house there are hundreds of miles of walking trails and a state-of-the-art recreational facility that includes an ice skating rink, an Olympic sized pool, workout facility, and ball fields. We are blessed to have many annual events in our area that we look forward to yearly which include the annual Fourth of July fireworks show over the Missouri River. The old-time Christmas festivities which include Santa Clauses from around the world. In the summertime, one of our favorite events is the county fair, which Stephanie has attended since she was little. We would love to share our home and neighborhood with our child!

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