Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a very diverse and family oriented community. There is a huge neighborhood park that is a bike ride away and later this year a greenway is going to connect our neighborhood to other neighborhoods and community parks.

We recently renovated our beautiful three bedroom two bathroom house. We have made the kitchen, living and dining room all one big open room which is nice to be able to all hang out together. Our favorite addition is our walk-in pantry/laundry room which has a magnetic chalkboard paint wall. We have visions of a child spending time coloring and playing with magnets on the wall.

Great Local Park

We are a part of a bible study that meets often, everyone has children and so our child will instantly have a large community of friends to play with. We have also proactively joined a local adoption group that is filled with parents who have adopted as well so that we can be connected to others who have had similar journeys as ours to build their family.

Our Extended Families
Christmas with Jessica's Family

We are excited for this child to get to experience the love both of our extended families have to offer. Jessica's family lives in the same city as we do and we often get together at least once a week for family dinners. In addition to living in the same city, Jessica's parents also own a vacation home down at the beach, which we love going to visit. We spend tons of time with family down at the beach having "low country boils" and "oyster roasts" with tons of extended family (Jessica's cousins, siblings, aunts, grandparents, second cousins, and parents) and friends.

With Zach's Dad

Zach's family lives in Canada! Which seems far away but is actually only a short plane flight away. We love to go up to Canada to visit our nieces and nephews, as well as Zach's brothers and parents. We typically go up to Canada around four times a year. Our favorite holidays to go are Thanksgiving, which Canada has its own Thanksgiving celebration in October each year, and Christmas. Jessica cries almost every time we are in Canada for Christmas because it snows, she never grew up having a "white Christmas" and it makes her cry happy tears! We look forward to taking our child sledding with his/her cousins each year! Our families are very supportive of us adopting and can't wait to love on this child.

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