Our Extended Families
Elizabeth with Her Parents & Brother

We come from very large, loving families. To say they are excited about us adopting a child is a giant understatement. Once this journey began for us, our families were fully on board and ready to help – and by help, we mean thinking of ways to spoil this child and coming up with a never-ending list of the fun things we are all going to do together.

Board games are a must. Our families play games non-stop when we see them, whether it’s over the holidays, hot cocoa in-hand, or during a summer beach vacation. And we can’t leave out cooking. We grew up surrounded by our extended families having gatherings all the time – Heather’s family had cookouts where it seemed like the whole town was invited, and Elizabeth’s close-knit aunts, uncles and cousins put on regular feasts that always seem to end up with special guests joining from church or the community.

Beyond our families, we have an extraordinary set of friends that act and feel just like they’re family too. Most of our friends have children that we get to spend time with often. We can’t wait to add our own child into the mix and see them all grow up together. We know how lucky we are to have such support from our families and friends. It will be incredible to bring a child into this life of ours and see them thrive from the attention, generosity, and love from our family and friends.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We are very fortunate to live in one of the most diverse, dynamic, and interesting cities in the world. Downtown is just a short drive away, but what really makes our home special is our neighborhood. We live in what could be considered a small town within a big city. There are lots of families with kids of all ages who live near us, which explains why the playgrounds are always so lively. The main square is just a short walk from our house and it has everything we need – a hardware store with a manager that chats us up whenever we go in, a pet store that’s Finn and Gherkin’s favorite stop, and a farmer’s market where we get fresh eggs and veggies for the week. It’s a close-knit community, with a lot of advocacy focused on family well-being and making our small ‘town’ a safe and supportive environment for kids to thrive.

Our home is much the same -- welcoming, cozy and with a lot of friends and family always around. We have a big backyard that has seen a good deal of kid playtime over the years, a deck that is perfect for grilling, and a big kitchen that we love to cook in. In winter, sitting near the fireplace is our favorite spot in the evenings, and come summer there is a porch out front that gets a good breeze and is a great spot for watching the neighborhood kids play.

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