Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in friendly neighborhood filled with families and children in Michigan. We have friends that live close by, so we have grill outs often and love to hear the laughter of the kids playing in the yard.

Our community is unique as we have access to the lake year round so we have access to beaches, water sports, and fishing- all of which we LOVE! This area has children's museums, parks, orchards, and many local festivals held year round for families and children.

Our town is a very diverse area in many aspects- various cultures, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and family structures. We have some of the best schools in the state in our town and a great sense of community.

Our county has a strong focus on early childhood education, so there are many events, programs, and opportunities for families to learn and grow. Susan is very familiar with this as she has a leadership role in one of these programs that focuses on families with young children.

Our home is a ranch style three-bedroom house with a large finished basement where we spend time watching movies and playing games with friends & family. One of our favorite rooms is the kitchen as we love to cook together and entertain. We also love our backyard where we grill out, have bonfires, and hang out with friends.

We are excited to share our home, community, and experiences with this child!

Our Extended Families
4th of July With Family

We are incredibly blessed with very supportive and loving families that are excited to join us on this journey to start our family.

Susan and her brother grew up on their family farm where her parents still live and work today. Visits to the farm consist of adventures with our niece and nephew as they learn about farm life. Susan's family has Norwegian roots, so many holidays consist of some Scandinavian traditions like making and eating lefse and krumke. Susan's family is very close and we spend hours together riding ATVs, exploring the farm, playing board games, or watching football together.

Vacation With Family

Jeff, his brother, and sister grew up in a close knit family that spent weekends camping and hunting. We spend our time with his family playing card games, hunting, and having grill outs. We enjoy spending time with our nieces and nephews and can't wait for this child to have fun adventures with his or her cousins.

We are blessed to have a tremendous support system of friends who we consider an extension of our family. They have supported us on this journey and can't wait to support and love this child too!

Both our families are excited about our adoption journey and can't wait to meet this baby. We have the support and love of both of our families and know that your child will be so incredibly loved!

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