Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a small desert town, in the Mojave Desert of California. Although our town is desert, sandy, windy, and isolated from the big cities, we are very much within driving distance to anything imaginable. Metropolitan areas, the mountain life of the Sierras, the beaches of California are all within driving distance.

Our community is primarily employed by the federal government since the Navy’s biggest engineering and test facility is based in town. The majority are civilian, but there is a military presence as well. Due to the nature of the work, the community has a large percentage of college graduates, many with advanced degrees. As a consequence, public education in town is of the highest quality.

The town is quiet, but offers many community activities for children, including the typical American sports, martial arts, gymnastics, and clubs such as fishing, chess, quilting, and cooking.

Our home is 3 bedrooms, with an open living room connecting to the kitchen. We have a large back yard with a grass area for children and our dogs to play. The yard is divided into a large covered outdoor kitchen for barbecues, grass, a vegetable garden, and a paved RV run. We don’t have an RV, so we envision kids running up and down playing basketball or other games here. We live in a closed off area of town, away from every day traffic. We have young families living across the street from us and often see young children playing in the street.

Our Extended Families
Shane & His Dad

Our extended family is near and dear to our hearts.

Shane’s parents and two sisters live in the same town as us. Shane’s mom has an at-home daycare in the same home where Shane grew up, and where our son spends his days while we go to work. We spend some holidays there playing board games, opening presents, eating chili and special crab cakes for Christmas dinner. Shane’s sisters visit our son regularly. They like to spend hours teaching him new toddler skills or take him for walks around our neighborhood.

Ellie & Her Sisters

Ellie’s family is not in town, but we live within driving distance. Ellie is very close to her side of the family, she talks to her parents and sisters almost daily. We visit Ellie’s parents during long weekends and holidays, especially in the summer when our 6 nephews are off from school. All the nephews love our son, who is the youngest grandchild, and they take turns holding him, playing with him and taking pictures with him. One of Ellie’s sisters lives close to us, and we see her more regularly during our trips out of town to go to the big city.

Our extended family includes our best friends who live in town. They share similar interest to us, such as hiking, camping, our love for delicious barbecue cookouts, exercising, and flying airplanes. We are lucky that our best friends have a baby girl near our son’s age, so we share with them being new parents as well.

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