Our Extended Families
Courtney's Family

We're lucky to have very supportive, inclusive, and warm families. We live a few miles away from Courtney's parents and sister's family. We see them several times a month for family dinners, game nights, and to run around with our energetic nephew. Once every few years we all travel to Oregon, and have been staying at the same rental house on the beach for over 20 years. We also travel together to Hawaii every few years.

Graham's Family

Graham's family lives in South Carolina. We love visiting in the summertime, catching up over homemade pie, and spending the entire trip lounging and swimming off the dock in their backyard. Graham's sister and brother-in-law try to visit at the same time and we love watching their silly dog Aplo play with their parents dog Jack. In the wintertime his parents make bonfires for us and we spend hours around the dinner table soaking up our time with them.

Everyone is so excited for our family to grow. We crave just being around them, for holidays and any old day of the week, and we can’t wait to share each one of them with our children.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We moved from New York to Washington state to be near family. However, you can take the couple out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the couple. We bought a large fixer upper very close to the city. While we live on a tree-lined street in a family-oriented neighborhood we are walking distance from family-friendly restaurants, parks, shops, schools, grocery stores, libraries, and downtown.

Our Colorful Living Room

Our four-bedroom house is our passion project. We both enjoy swinging hammers and being as thoughtful as possible in the designing process so that our personalities can be seen in each room of the house. We’ve put our sweat and tears into the house over the last four years, making it warm, comfortable, and inviting. It’s a work in progress, but each project we do ourselves makes us love it more and more.

Several times a day we walk our five-year-old dog around, greeting other dogs and neighbors along the way (he is so friendly people can’t help but stop and say hello). We like to walk him past a small corner playground two blocks from our house and talk about the day we get to bring our kids there. We feel lucky to have found such a great area that has both a fun cultural city vibe, and a quiet, kind, and safe neighborhood feel.

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