Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a tight-knit community that is distinct from most urban and suburban neighborhoods here in Washington. Though city convenience is very accessible, our community is uniquely isolated from dense urban areas, primarily due to the local geography. We’re proud that our neighborhood is supportive of families, celebrates diversity, and offers the top elementary, middle, and high schools in the area.

Our favorite local events and attractions include a year-round farmers’ market, a summer concert series at a nearby park, and a huge summer festival with a parade, music, food, arts and crafts. Our community offers several great parks, including a fantastic outdoor pool and waterfront paths to walk and enjoy our lovely area. We also enjoy mingling with friends and neighbors during our yearly neighborhood night out. Streets close for the evening for BBQs, games, and other socializing. Last year we had a huge water balloon fight where kids and adults had a blast soaking each other.

Most homes on our street are older and built in a craftsman style, including ours. Our home is a tastefully updated and expanded 1912 bungalow with four bedrooms, three floors, and a backyard with a playhouse and veggie gardens. With a cozy fireplace and a comfy couch and chairs, the living room is our favorite room to spend time with each other. Our immediate neighborhood is primarily families with children. The remainder are couples without children, and older couples with families that have grown.

Our Extended Families
Tyler & Our Nephew

Our family is scattered from coast to coast, from Florida to Louisiana to Montana to Washington. Despite the geographic spread, we are close and enjoy visiting with each other regularly. We love holiday traditions like Thanksgiving with local family, and equally enjoy hosting family in our home each Christmas season.

Kathleen With Her Mother & Sister in Ireland

We also like to visit family in their part of the country. We recently had the opportunity to stay with Tyler’s sister and her family in Montana. It was our first chance to meet our sweet little niece, and we also enjoyed spending time with our two young nephews, sister, and brother-in-law. They are an inspiring family, and we left rejuvenated and encouraged to begin the journey toward our own family.

Our family couldn’t be more excited for us to begin a family of our own. We are grateful to have a group of loving relatives who are fully supportive of our journey, and we’re so excited to bring a child into our home.

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