Our Extended Families
Making Cookies with the Nieces

We have lots of friends nearby, and our extended families are in various states. Needless to say, we have lots of places to visit during the holidays and we can expect lots of guests during the year. Your child will have a grandma in Florida as well as two uncles named Eric, two nieces, and two aunts. We visit Florida very often and because of this your child will certainly know the beach and of course, Disney World! Rachel's aunt lives in Florida and she loves the movies so we always do lunch with her and catch a flick as well. Your child will also have another grandma in North Carolina, who was a kindergarten teacher for 40 years. As you can imagine, she is so excited to become a grandma, as she currently doesn’t have any grandchildren. Your child will have an aunt who is an artist, living in Texas. She is an amazing photographer, and so there will be lots of fun photographs. Our families are so excited about your child coming into our lives.

Darryl and His Mom

We usually have guests in our home or visit our family during the winter holidays and in the summer. We get together and socialize as the children play games and entertain the adults. Your child will have a lot of a family out of state and many friends and other children to play with here at our home. Your child will be constantly surrounded by love.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a beautiful neighborhood in a serene, suburban town. We are very close to mountains and waterfalls and farmland to the north of our home, and if we travel south we are close to a bustling metropolis filled with exciting historic landmarks and buzzing with entertainment. Sometimes, we see deer and rabbits just outside our very driveway. Crime is almost non-existent in our neighborhood. It is very safe here, and for the most part very quiet. There is a beautiful park within walking distance with a jungle gym, basketball court, and walking trails.

A Favorite Hiking Spot

The schools in our district are top-notch, and the elementary school is less than five miles away. The middle and high schools are some of the best in our state. Our high school has an excellent college preparatory program. Everything is very close by and convenient, including shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants and entertainment. There are several parks nearby within a 5 to 10 minute drive. There are beautiful farms that grow pumpkins and that have amazing fall festivals. Within an hour into the city, there is an amusement park, several museums, and gorgeous playhouses. We look forward to being parents who can show all these things to our little one, and believe that our neighborhood is very conducive to a happy childhood.

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