Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a great suburb which is described as little main street USA. It's a great, quiet, friendly neighborhood tucked away from the nearby hectic major city. Our house has 3 bedrooms, a large finished basement, and a nice backyard.

The community is made up of young families with children, so the town has many family-oriented events throughout the year. For example, every first Saturday of the summer months, the main street becomes a free street festival with live music, food vendors, and family entertainment. Our area has some of the best schools, parks, and museums in the country. We feel it is a great environment full of opportunities for children to learn and play as they grow up.

Many of the neighbors on our street have children who we enjoy getting together with for barbecues, kids playdates, or just hanging out on the porch to take in a nice summer evening.

We also have a beach house nearby where we spend many summers with our family enjoying the sand and ocean.

Our Extended Families

We truly enjoy spending time with both sides of our families. When we all get together, there is a lot of laughter. We all have a good sense of humor; we know how to laugh at each other and ourselves. We spend as much time with our families as possible and we have many close friends that we consider family as well.

Cousins Playing

Julie's family lives close by so we see them often and spend summers together at the beach. Dave's family lives in Florida, so we travel there often, especially in the winter months. We think our family is unique because it is not just defined by our blood relations. Julie, Julie's sister, our daughter, and several cousins were adopted, and Julie has a close bond with her biological family. We realize that being able to adopt a child is an amazing gift and that family bonds are just as strong even though we're biologically related.

Our families have similar values which has strengthened the bond between us. All of our family and friends are very excited and extremely supportive of us bringing an additional child into our family. They're looking forward to it, just as much as we are, and they can't wait to celebrate with us in further expanding our families.

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