Our Extended Families
Spending Time with Brad's Parents

We have a very large extended family. Most of our family is located in the Midwest and within a few hours of travel. Becky is one of five children and Brad has one sister. There are numerous children ranging in age from "expecting" to 25 years old. We love to gather for holidays. Most of the time we gather in the kitchen and talk while the children play and interact with each other. We have some close friends who like to visit and we tend to play family games outside or just sit around talking about events in the past.

Zoo Day with Our Nieces

Our family is somewhat unique in the way that we have such a variety and a wide spread of ages in the family. On both sides of our families, we have 4 generations of family who love to spend time together. We would love to add a child to this mix as family times are a lot of fun and provide many long lasting memories. Over the past couple months, we have discussed our adoption plan with our family. All are not only excited, but know having a child means the world to us and all have said they are ready to welcome another family member into the family!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We have recently moved to Missouri from Texas to be closer to family and have moved into a new home. We live on a quiet dead-end cul-de-sac in a golf community. Our new home is in a great community with families of all ages. There are many children who are frequently outside riding bikes or playing in their front yards. There are numerous events throughout the year to bring families together- pool parties, movie night at the pool, Halloween parade, Breakfast with Santa and miniature golf. Also nearby, there is a historic park dating back to Revolutionary War era. This is a very family friendly park and also has great value in history. We have even spent some time picnicking at the lake in the park.

When not outside, we enjoy spending movie nights in the basement and other nights in the great room for play activities or relaxing. We look forward to sharing our new home with a child, particularly decorating for the holidays, sledding down the back yard hill, or spending time at the pool or park in the summer.

Our town is close to a larger city, but also has several smaller town festivals we enjoy attending. Family has joined us for some of these events. Brad is also active with some of the college sports teams. There are so many places and activities we look forward to sharing with a child.

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