Our House and Neighborhood
Neighborhood Families at the Splash Pad Across the Street

We currently live in an amazing new apartment complex that’s perfect for young families. Our home itself is spacious, modern, and comfortable, and has a second bedroom that we’re transforming into an awesome room for our baby. As our family grows, we are financially ready and planning to move into a larger house in the same area, with a pool, large backyard, and plenty of room for children to play inside and outside. For now, we love our home and community, and think it’s perfect for providing our little one with a great space, nearby families, and endless activities.

We live in a fairly new urban/suburban area, and the neighborhood is full of young and active families. There are parks, restaurants, shopping areas, and a neighborhood splash pad (usually filled with kids having a blast) all within walking distance. Drive a few minutes into town and we can visit the zoo, spend a day at the water park, or do anything a large city has to offer. Drive a few minutes out of town and we can escape into the desert for a rejuvenating hike or cool off in a nearby lake. One of our favorite things about where we live is the weather. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, you’re likely to find us outside in any season, and there’s no time of year when we can’t go out, explore, and have fun as a family.

Our Extended Families
Summer Family Time

We have a large network of family and friends, and we make nurturing our relationships with them a center of our time and energy. We see our family members several times a year, whether we visit them, they visit us, or we explore a new destination together. There are regular large family events, such as the yearly Thanksgiving celebration, and we also make a point to connect with each person one-on-one or in small groups. Our favorite family event is Cousin Weekend, where all of the cousins and their kids get together somewhere in the U.S. to play games, catch up, and just have fun for a long weekend.

Reading With Our Nephew

Erica’s sister has two young boys, and we are both head over heels for our nephews. We had the opportunity to be there for their births, and we have loved watching them grow and learn. From simple activities, like going to the neighborhood park, to larger adventures, like traveling to Hawaii and Florida with them, we have loved our time as Aunties, and we make it a priority to see them as frequently as possible. We are excited that our child will have cousins close in age, and we talk frequently with Erica’s sister and brother-in-law about future opportunities our kids can have together. Our family and friends are thrilled that we are adopting and can’t wait to form their own unique relationships with our child and to love and support them as best they can.

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