Our Extended Families
Perfect Day for Lunch on the Deck

We are so fortunate to live close to many family members on both sides of our family. Because we were the first couple in our immediate families to have a baby, Alice is quite spoiled by everyone and they can't wait for us to have another. Our children will always know what it means to have a close-knit family full of love and laughter.

Steve grew up as the protective big brother in his family. His parents live 3 hours away and visit every couple of weeks. Steve's sister lives nearby and is the best auntie (and babysitter) around! Steve's mom is famous for her delicious mint brownies and Steve's dad loves his role as goofy grandpa to Alice. Steve's family normally all gets together around the holidays to play board and card games. Recently, the extended family gathers at Thanksgiving and plays charades with 20+ people in the basement. Fun fact: Steve is an 8th generation pastor!

Lindsay grew up playing all day long with her big brother on their backyard swing set or huge snow mountain piles. Her parents and brother still live only 15 minutes away so they get together all the time. Lindsay has a ton of cousins who are also having kids. There are a lot of playmates for Alice and her future sibling! Lindsay's favorite childhood memories are family vacations to Disney World (and riding the Star Wars ride over and over again!).

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in beautiful Minnesota, where we experience all four seasons and enjoy activities in each climate. Our neighborhood is quiet and is a combination of retired people and younger families. There are two parks with playgrounds within walking distance as well as a sledding hill and tennis courts.

We live in a 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom house, so each child will have their own bedroom. One feature of our house that we love, is the large kitchen for cooking and entertaining. Lindsay can't wait to someday teach the kids to bake cutout cookies at Christmas time! Our house resides on a corner lot with a huge backyard, which will be perfect for our kids to run around and play all summer long. We just replaced our deck in the past year and love using it for relaxing or hosting a grill out with friends and family.

Our community is a suburb of two large cities. There are two nearby zoos, an indoor and outdoor amusement park, water parks, ski slopes and many libraries. Even in the wintertime, there are so many fun places we can take our kids. The school districts in our area have won national awards for excellence.

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